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About Malia

My professional career started as a Special Education teacher in Tucson with a degree from the University of Arizona. I then taught just outside New Orleans before moving to Oahu, Hawaii. Being in school in Hawaii is as hard for the teachers as it is for the students. I decided that a strategic move to an outside sales position was perfect.

As an Account Executive for various magazines on Oahu, including Hawaii TV Digest, This Week Magazines and Honolulu Magazine, I reaped the rewards of numerous training seminars on marketing and sales. Consulting with large advertising agencies and strategizing my clients campaigns, collaborating with the in-house graphic designers and brainstorming with direct clients, I learned what works and what doesn't.

A brief career in retail sales in Sarasota, FL provided perspective from the other side of the equation.

Small Mom & Pop organizations require one to wear many hats. All One Tribe Drum company in Taos, NM, an exciting, growing company allowed me to expand into increased responsibilities as World-wide Sales Manager. Again consulting with our ad agency, working with a partner on photo shoots, and purchasing ads in magazines in three distinct markets.

As owner of the Golden Group Speakers Bureau, I represented over 20 motivational speakers, athletes and musicians, getting them gigs in various genres including schools, conferences and prisons. I wrote copy for all marketing materials and correspondence.

In Wilmington, DE, I was a recruiter for a year and was involved in the construction industry for two years.

A few writing courses at Fort Lewis College and work with personal writing coaches provides the background to practice my craft.

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