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"The best brother in the whole wide world" inspired my writing career. Jimmy passed away suddenly and unexpectedly and my world shattered. A sibling with Down Syndrome is a very, very special gift. We were inseparable. He brought indescribable, unconditional love and joy to our family and all who knew him.

I had journaled sporadically during my life and returned to it as a therapeutic tool to help me cope with the sadness and devastation.

As I wrote, I realized this story needed to be shared. I decided to write a book to share the intricacies of living in a family with a special needs person.

College classes provided the basic skills complemented by all the books on writing I could consume. I perfected my skills by submitting articles to our local newspapers, national magazines and by securing freelance editing, proofreading and copywriting assignments.

Writing a book is a major, long-term project necessitating discipline and skill. The smaller projects provide motivation and successful completion of short-term goals.

I invite you to scroll through the pages to get to know me and learn more about the services I provide. I look forward to the opportunity to discuss your needs and to determine if I am the writer whom can best create the materials you desire.

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